Approved Public Minutes of the SWSA Executive

ABN  36 702 563 806

Date Saturday 9 March 2019
Location Capel Tavern
Time 11:00am
Purpose SWSA Executive Monthly Meeting


Item Description
1. Meeting opened 11:10am
2. Present

President Steve Gibson (SG)

Vice-President Shane Cole (SC)
Treasurer Sara King (SK)

Secretary Isabell Evans (IE)

3. Apologies

Registrar Darcy Carroll (DC)

Administrator Simone Darnell (SD)

4. Previous Meeting

·         Outstanding Items

Action Update
SD to create and manage action list from meeting minutes Fixtures a priority
SD to add to by-laws amendment proposal decision around extra time SG updating By-Laws
SG and SD to sign contract; SG to distribute signed contract to Executive Committee Contract signed
SD to be main contact between SWSA and website administrator and to ensure match card process set up and clubs and referees notified of their responsibilities In place
SG to contact Dynamos and Dunsborough thanking them for their proposals and advising them of the SWSA’s decision Completed
SG to find out if SD can lodge ATO documents, if not IE will SD has lodged documents
SG to put together fixture similar to tennis competition draw; IE to add Pioneer Cup final day activities to next meeting’s agenda Completed; not discussed
Following Hay Park’s concerns Charity Shield to be played earlier depending on Pioneer Cup numbers; IE to manage PR Dates changed; scheduled
SD to project manage match card process and liaise with website administrator and referees In place
SD to notify delegates of special meeting 27 March from 7pm at Busselton City FC to endorse constitution followed by 7:30pm delegates meeting Not applicable – dates changed
IE to seek Bunbury venue with projector screen for 11 March meeting in order to finalise by-laws Not applicable – date changed
SG to distribute different masters ideas to delegates seeking feedback with most popular proposal to be presented at delegates meeting on 27 March Completed
DC to ask Steve Pendleton to provide proposal on fair play award points accrual; SD to keep spreadsheet of points accrued throughout season accordingly SG to follow up with SD and SP
SD to distribute email to club delegates requesting they notify the SWSA of unfinancial players; SD to liaise with Leigh Godfrey about these players being unable to register SD has distributed to clubs
SD to distribute copies of receipts to Executive Committee when distributing monthly account information In place


·         Committee Decision

That the minutes of the South West Soccer Association from their meeting held 11 February 2019 be approved.

Moved: SK       Seconded: SC   Carried: 4-0

5. South West Phoenix

·         Discussion around South West Phoenix’s approaches featuring multiple different options to the SWSA due to the club not being likely to field a men’s league team in 2019. Actions: SG to advise Phoenix that they must notify the SWSA by 8pm Monday 11 March if they would like to submit their U18s team into the SWSA men’s league competition for 2019; SG and SD to meet with Football West on or abouts 19 March regarding options for 2020, including Phoenix playing with 2 instead of 3 men’s teams or for the club to be incorporated into the SWSA

6. Constitution

·         Joanna Wilkinson was in attendance from 11:30am – 1:30pm to go through the draft new constitution. Action: JW to incorporate discussed changes into document then distribute to SG and SK for distribution to entire Executive Committee prior to April meeting; SD to investigate how the Executive Committee and Administrator are insured in terms of coverage to/from/at meetings and advise at April meeting

7. 2019 competitions and fixtures

·         Fixtures

SC advised that despite the SWSA seeking team nominations by 4 March fixtures are unable to be developed due to waiting on responses from Football Margaret River and South West Phoenix. Currently:

–          men’s league may have 7/8/9 teams depending on the above

–          men’s reserves may have 8/9 teams depending on the above

–          division 1 and division 2 nominations will be combined as there were 8 and 3 nominations respectively with Eaton Dardanup and Dynamos nominating a tem in each proposed division

–          women’s league will have 7 teams

–          women’s reserves will have 7 teams

–          men’s masters may have 5/6

Action: SD to contact Dynamos and Eaton Dardanup regarding the division competition and having two teams; SC to contact FMR seeking confirmation of their men’s league or reserves side ; SC to then work on fixtures draw prioritising men’s league, men’s reserves and ladies all following each other for home sides, aiming for 18 March release date as per important dates calendar distributed to clubs previously

·         Club Transfer Cut-Off

All confirmed that the club transfer cut-off date is 30 June as per Football West’s date. Action: SD to add to by-laws amendments

·         Charity Shield/Pioneer Cup final

SG advised that the Charity Shield date has been changed due to the City of Bunbury being unable to guarantee that Hay Park’s lights will be installed in time. The Charity Shield will now be played at Bunbury United on 31st March with the Pioneer Cup final to be played at Hay Park on 25th April. Action: SD to advise clubs; IE to draft media release for both final games

·         Match cards

IE advised that she had received correspondence from Loop2 and SD that the match card process was in place however some background information was required to set up the website back-end. Action: SD to provide Loop2 with the background information required by Loop2 as per their email request (e.g. venue locations etc) prior to the start of the league season

8. By-Laws

·         SG advised that SD is currently putting all proposed changes together into one document for review. Action: SD to send out document to the Executive Committee by 1st April to enable review prior to the 8th April monthly meeting

9. FFA Community Football Summit

·         No-one from the Executive Committee will be attending. SG advised that he had asked Football West twice regarding teleconferencing but has not received a response

10. Website

·         Action: SD to liaise with Loop2 to remove Debbie Farrell from Hall of Fame and upload new Hall of Famers

11. Accounts Approval

·         Committee Decision

That the South West Soccer Association bank accounts for the period ending 28 February 2019 are a true and correct account of the Association’s financial position as of this date.

Moved: IE        Seconded: SK   Carried: 4-0

12. Urgent Items

·         Pioneer Cup & Charity Shield awards

IE advised that SD had asked for clarification on the above. Pioneer Cup awards were in the February meeting minutes with all deciding the Charity Shield awards should be the same plus Best on Ground awards for all matches

·         Playing for Juniors and Seniors of the same club

SC advised that he had become aware of a juniors club that was a separate entity to the club’s seniors stating that players could play in both leagues which is classified as a dual registration and not permissible. Action: SD to advise clubs that should their juniors be a separate operating entity to the seniors then players cannot play in both leagues

·         Presentation Night

Action: SC and IE to investigate. Decision carried over to future meeting

·         Delegates Meeting

Agenda to include SW Cup Final hosts, constitution, by-laws

13. Next SWSA Executive meeting

Monday 8 April 2019; 6:00pm; Dalyellup Sports Pavilion


Next SWSA Delegates meeting (featuring special general meeting to endorse proposed new SWSA constitution)

Wednesday 1 May 2019; 7:00pm; Busselton City FC (constitution, by-laws, SW cup)

14. Meeting closed 3:00pm