South West Soccer Association Inc

Minutes of the SWSA Executive ABN 36 702 563 806

Please note that items of a confidential nature have been omitted from this public copy.

Date 11th December 2018
Location Dalyellup Clubrooms
Time 5.30pm
Purpose SWSA Executive Planning for 2019 Season


1. Meeting Open 5:40pm

2. Present President Steve Gibson (SG) VicePresident Shane Cole (SC) Treasurer Sara King (SK) Secretary Isabell Evans (IE) Administrator Simone Darnell (SD)

3. Apologies Registrar Darcy Carroll

4. Protocols Discussion As a wholly new Executive Committee the group agreed to the following protocols:

5. A focus on transparency in terms of Committee decision-making being shared with the soccer community (including uploading ratified minutes to the SWSA website);

6. Irrespective of the above, maintaining the confidentiality of Committee discussions as appropriate;

7. Ensuring declarations of interest are made where required and those declaring an interest are separated from the discussion and/or vote;

8. Committee members undertaking the responsibilities of their respective executive roles despite the existence of a paid administrator;

9. Presenting a united SWSA front to the soccer community;

10. Leaving club allegiances at the door in order to act in the best interests of the SWSA and the soccer community;

11. Responding to voting requests sent via email within 24 hours with nonresponses considered a ‘yes’ vote;

12. Finally, a commitment to engaging in full and frank discussions for the best interest of the soccer community.


1. Exec Meeting Organisation

2. Meetings shall take place on the second Wednesday of every month for a 90 minute period commencing at 6pm;

3. Dalyellup was deemed the appropriate location to minimise travel times for the majority of the Committee. Action: Secretary to contact Shire of Capel to seek approval to hold 2019 meetings at Dalyellup Sports Pavilion

4. President to chair meetings with the Vice-President chairing in his absence;

5.Secretary to coordinate agendas and minutes with all members required to provide agenda items no less than 72 hours prior to the meeting in question (following an email callout from the Secretary);

6. Secretary to distribute agenda no less than 48 hours prior to the meeting;

7. Secretary to distribute draft minutes no more than one week following the meeting;

8. Administrator to upload minutes to website following ratification by Committee. Action: Administrator to liaise with website administrator to develop new website page in order to upload minutes to.

9. Action: President to contact affiliates within one week to introduce the new Committee, provide an overview of key focuses including the fact that minutes will be made available online for public viewing.

Outstanding Items

External Hard Drive

1. Hard drive purchased in order to backup all SWSA documents. Action: Administrator to upload all documents on to hard drive.


1. Committee reviewed quotations provided by website administrator to enable the SWSA website to display results and other statistics. Committee Decision That the SWSA proceed with Package 2 as provided by Loop 2 Digital. Moved: SK Seconded: SC Carried 4-0

Match Videos Proposal

2. Agreement to engage videographer to record match videos for the seven (7) South West Cup final matches, two (2) Charity Shield final matches, two (2) Pioneer Cup final matches and one (1) Mike Coley Cup match. Action: Administrator to seek quotes for videography.

Minute League Winners Prize Money

1. It was noted that due to the previous Committee’s failure to do so it is imperative that in future, the approval of expenditure in the form of prize money for league winning clubs must be minuted as per auditor recommendations.

Minute Administrator Phone & Internet Subsidy

 Committee Decision That $105 per calendar month be paid to the South West Soccer Association Administrator in the form of a phone and internet subsidy. Moved: SC Seconded: SK Carried 4-0

Administrator HR Matters

 It was noted that the Administrator will be on leave from 17/12/2018 to 13/1/2018 inclusive. Action: Administrator to set an out-of-office notification on their SWSA email requesting that urgent items be forwarded to the Secretary’s email.

 It was noted that there is a requirement to formalise the Administrator’s position in the form of an employment contract with a final draft to be reviewed by a paid HR professional. Action: Administrator to distribute draft contract for Committee feedback prior to next meeting.

Executive Committee Role Descriptions

 It was noted that role descriptions for the Executive Committee as contained within the constitution need to be updated to reflect contemporary expectations. Action: all to review role descriptions and provide feedback at next executive committee meeting

7. Player Registrations

 The Dunsborough proposal was discussed. Action: Administrator to write to the Dunsborough Soccer Club acknowledging and thanking them for their correspondence, noting that the proposal requires further discussion; Committee to review proposal in detail and share feedback via email.

 Football West relationship benefit discussion deferred. Action: Secretary to add Football West relationship benefit discussion to next meeting’s agenda.

8. 2019

Youth League Proposal

It was noted that the briefing paper presented has been distributed to both the CCJSA LNJSA for comment with the SWSA awaiting their feedback.

Pioneer Cup Format

Discussion around the confusing nature of the Pioneer Cup, South West Cup and league fixtures running concurrently with the idea of the former being run as an opt-in pre-season fixture. Action: President to present idea to next delegates meeting for discussion.

Additional Executive Committee positions

 It was agreed that the previous Executive Committee’s position regarding adding two extra general positions onto the group was a good one. It was noted that this is required to be added to the constitution review.


Action: President to liaise with referees and facilitate discussion around expectations of both the SWSA and the referee group.

Fines Provision

Fines Provision discussion deferred. Action: Secretary to add Fines Provision discussion to next meeting’s agenda.

Strategic Plan

It was noted that the SWSA does not currently have a strategic plan which sets a direction and future focus for the organisation. Action: Administrator and Secretary to seek quotes for strategic plan consultants and provide quotes at next meeting.

9. Policies & Procedures

Constitution Update

As mentioned previously in the meeting the requirement for a new, modern constitution was discussed with the Administrator and Treasurer to seek quotes for professional update support. Action: Vice-President to seek advice from State Government regarding status of current approved constitution; Administrator and Treasurer to seek quotes for constitution update.

By-Law Alignment

It was noted that there are multiple grammatical, wording and reference errors throughout the SWSA by-laws. Action: President to proof by-laws and present proposed changes to the Committee.

10. FFSW

Meeting Report

It was noted that the most recent FFSW meeting was held the night previous on Monday 10 December 2018. Action: Administrator to circulate FFSW meeting minutes when formulated.

SWSA Representation

It was noted that the SWSA requires two representatives on the FFSW committee. Action: President and Secretary to represent the SWSA on FFSW; Administrator to advise meeting dates.


11. Accounts

Recent Accounts Approval

It was decided that the approval of the SWSA bank accounts for the period ending 30th November 2018 are deferred until the next Committee meeting. Action: Secretary to add ratification of November accounts to next meeting’s agenda.

Financial Accountability Details

Committee Decision That Sara King and Steve Gibson be listed as signatories on the SWSA bank accounts. Moved: IE Seconded: SC Carried 4-0

2016 Financial Situation

Administrator advised that the SWSA is awaiting a quote from AMD to complete an audit of the situation to be provided to Westpac as a refund request. Action: Administrator to seek quotes for audit prior to next delegates meeting.


12. Next SWSA Executive Meeting

Wednesday 9 January, 6:00pm – 7:30pm, Dalyellup Sports Pavilion (TBC), 13. Next SWSA Delegates Meeting

Wednesday 6 February, 7:00pm – Hay Park South Pavilion (TBC)

14. Meeting Closed 8:11pm