Len Blythe

The Blyth family emigrated to West Australia from Liverpool in the early 1920’s as part of the Group Settlement Scheme, Len 8 years old at the time.

Len commenced playing soccer as a senior at the age of fourteen for the Dixvale team in the Manjimup district in his second year as a senior player [ 15 yrs ] he was selected to represent the Warren Association at the 1929 Country Championships. He was appointed captain of the Warren Association representative team on numerous occasions.

In 1933 the Perth League Champions Victoria Park visited the Warren district where they took on the local club Manjimup Rovers, the Rovers defeated the champions three goals to one. It was in this game they came up against and witnessed the ability of the local lad Len Blythe, needless to say they encouraged the young 19 year old to play with them in the Perth competition. Len joined the Victoria Park club in 1934 and played with them for the next three years. Len’s usual position was on the right wing. Len was a member of the Victoria Park team when they won the Perth Championship in 1934,1935, and 1936, he also played in the clubs cup wins in the same era. When he returned to Manjimup in 1937 and he began playing once more for the Warren Association and his club Manjimup Rovers.

After the 2nd World War Len was one of the people who helped re-organize soccer in the Warren district, 1946 saw him take on two major roles, one as the secretary for the Warren Association and the other as secretary of the Manjimup Rovers club. Len played well into the 1950’s and when he finally retired he still found time to support the Warren Association and the Manjimup club.

Len was a butcher by trade and had a butchers shop in Manjimup he was a well liked personality and was in inducted into the SW Soccer Hall of Fame in 2004.