South West Soccer Association Inc

Minutes of the SWSA Executive ABN 36 702 563 806


Please note that items of a confidential nature have been omitted from this public copy.

Date Friday 14 Oct 2019
Location Dalyellup Sports Pavilion, Wake Drive
Time 6:00pm
Purpose SWSA Executive Monthly Meeting
Item Description
1. Meeting open


President Steve Gibson (SG)
Vice-President Shane Cole (SC)
Financial Director Sara King (SK)
Secretary Isabell Evans (IE) – via phone
Committee Member Darcy Carroll (DC)

3. Apologies
Administrator Simone Darnell (SD)
4. Previous Meeting 
  • Outstanding Items
Action Update
SW Cup Finals information distributed to competing clubs & FMR Completed
SW Cup Finals trophies organised & presented Completed
Top4/Bottom4 draw circulated to clubs Completed
Harvey complaint re grounds inspection – letter sent to Dynamos detailing correct process in such situations Completed
SD to forward Cautions List to DC for calculation of Fair Play awards Completed
SG to advise Exec of All Star selections Completed
IE to organize media release re All Star teams Completed
SD to coordinate All Star medallions for Presentation Night Completed
SG to contact SWP to confirm details re end of season game v All Stars Carry forward – game now scheduled for March 2020
  • Committee Decision
That the minutes of the South West Soccer Association from their meeting held 23 August 2019 be approved.
Moved: SK Seconded: DC Carried: 5-0

South West Phoenix – item discussed from 7pm – 7:35pm with Jen Curtis attending

  • Jen informed the Exec that SWP had lodged an application to participate in the State League 2 (SL2) competition in 2020. A decision on this application is expected at the end of October. SWP had met the selection criteria and had received positive feedback from FW’s State League Standing Committee in discussing this initiative.
  • The issue of player shortages was raised and Jen informed the Exec that she had received verbal advice that the proposed model of SL2/SWSA registration would apply if the application was successful. The Exec indicated that they would require FW to provide written notification that this type of registration was to be permitted in 2020.
  • The Exec also reiterated that the invitation for SWP to participate in the SWSA Men’s Premier League was for 2019 only and was not likely to be available should the SWP application be unsuccessful.
  • Action: Jen to keep SG abreast of the outcome of the SWP application.


  • SW Cup Finals – a very well organised day, FMR to be congratulated for combining the opening ceremony & finals matches successfully on the day, great initiative involving the junior club members and it was good to see a smaller club venue being utilised. Some concerns about the lack of a formal presentation area and location of the bar.
  • Top4/Bottom4 – too many forfeits with a number of clubs not supporting the concept. This competition should not take place in 2020.
  • By-Laws – it was agreed to carry over this review until the next Exec meeting

SWSA Presentation Night

  • Summary:
    • Venue: Hay Park Multisports Pavilion
    • Date: Saturday 19 October 2019
    • Time: 6pm
    • Approx 120-130 to attend
    • Food: three courses with shared platter entrée, double drop mains and dessert buffet
    • A run-down sheet was produced which indicated the role of each Exec member in terms of award presentations.
  • Action: IE to advise Exec if assistance is required on 18 & 19 Oct.

Accounts Approval

  • Committee Decision
    That the South West Soccer Association bank accounts for the period ending 30 June and 31 July 2019 are a true and correct account of the Association’s financial position as of this date.

    Moved: SG Seconded: SK Carried: 5-0
  • Currently Capel have not paid their 2020 SWSA player registration fees despite numerous reminders from SD.
  • Action: SG to contact Capel President and discuss immediate payment. If payment is not forthcoming then Capel membership to be discussed at next Exec meeting.

Next SWSA Executive meeting
Tuesday 11 September 2019; 6:00pm – Dalyellup Sports Pavilion
Next SWSA Delegates meeting
Monday 25 November -7pm – Hay Park Pavilion


Meeting closed