Ron Moss Some of his achievements.

The South West Hall of Fame commenced in 2001 under the auspices of the South West Regional Soccer Council, and Ron Moss was the inaugural Inductee, Ron was so honoured in recognition of his outstanding contribution to southwest soccer.

Below are some of his the roles and achievements.

Centrals.S.C. Founder Member / Player / Coach and Secretary.

Laporte.S.C. President and Player / Coach.

Bunbury Dynamos. President and Player / Coach.

Forrest Park.S.C. Founder / Secretary, Player, Junior Coach.

Cavaliers.S.C. Founder / Player / Coach.

Bunbury City. Player / Coach.

Bunbury City Fairest Best 1980, 43 years old.

Bunbury Dynamos Life Member

Inaugural South West Games 1985, Director for Soccer.

W.A. Soccer Task Force inaugural S / West Rep

S.W.S.A. President / Secretary / Treasurer / Registrar / Coach / Player.

S.W.S.A. Veterans Team, Player / Coach.

S.W.S.A. Qualified Referee

S.W.S.A. Referee’s Allocator.

S.W.S.A. Protest & Disputes Board Member & Chairman.

S.W.S.A. Representative to SF of WA.

S.W.S.A. Service Award 1981.

S.W.S.A. Life Member 1982 the bodies first Life Member.

S.W.S.A. Player of the Year 2nd Division was [ 45 years old ].

S.W.S.A. Clubman of the Year 1981.

S.W.S.A. Best player in a cup final receives the S.W.S.A. Ron Moss medal.

Chairman of Soccerdrome Committee & Building Committee..

Chairman Soccer Council of the South West.

Chairman, Hall of Fame Committee.

Chairman, South West Regional Soccer Council

President, South West Phoenix

South West Phoenix Life Member

South West Regional Football Academy / Founder.

South West Soccer Hall of Fame, 2001 inaugural inductee.

Western Australian Football Hall of Fame inducted 2005

He was the person responsible for bringing England’s World Cup captain Bobby Moore

to Bunbury in 1981.

Ron’s past wife was also the inaugural President of the SW Women’s Association (CWSA) in 1977, his two daughters and son also played soccer for Dynamos.

Ron has also been awarded numerous personal club awards even by clubs he never belonged to but who recognized his endeavor towards the game.

He is also the unofficial historian of southwest soccer having written numerous books that came from reading 35,000 copies of newspapers and interviewing old soccer stalwarts from the southwest region plus his intimate local knowledge.

The History of South West Soccer was published in 2006 plus eight other books on the southwest game and all the records and photographs he has kept over the last 50 plus years were contained in this book, without his efforts there would be no records of the past for southwest soccer.

At the age of 82 years he is still contributing to the game through electronic media.