Minutes of the SWSA Executive

ABN 36 702 563 806

Date Monday 11 February 2019
Location Dalyellup Sports Pavilion
Time 6:30pm
Purpose SWSA Executive Monthly Meeting
  1. Meeting Opened 6:30pm

2. Present

President Steve Gibson (SG)

Vice-President Shane Cole (SC)

Secretary Isabell Evans (IE)

Treasurer Sara King (SK)

3. Apologies

  • Registrar Darcy Carroll (DC)
  • Administrator Simone Darnell (SD)

4. Previous Meeting

  • Outstanding Items
  • Committee Decision

That the minutes of the South West Soccer Association from their meeting held 9 January 2019 be approved. Moved: SC. Seconded: SK  Carried: 4-0. Action: SD to create and manage action list from meeting minutes.

5.Delegates Meeting

Committee Decision

That women were permitted to play in Men’s Division 1 and Division 2 with participation in Men’s League and Reserves Considered upon request. Moved: SK. Seconded: SC Carried: 4-0

Action: SD to add to by-laws amendment proposal that if a club referee is refereeing matches are to be 90 minutes long with no extra time playable, if official referee is refereeing then as per the laws of the game the referee has the ability to assign extra time regardless of subsequent fixtures

  1. Matters Outstanding

Administrator role and contract

  • Confirmation that Executive Committee to make decisions with Administrator to implement with EC advice and support if required
  • Committee Decision

That the SWSA Executive Committee support the President in signing Administrator SD’s contract dated 1 January 2019.

Moved: IE          Seconded: SK  Carried: 4-0

  • Action: SG and SD to sign contract

Meeting times/dates

Meetings changed to second Monday of the month instead of the second Wednesday, location and time to remain the same


Action: SD to be main contact between SWSA and website administrator and to ensure match card process set up and clubs and referees notified of their responsibilities

Dynamos correspondence

  • Decision to decline 8+8 proposal based upon the SWSA not wanting to force clubs to partner nor reducing home ground advantages for partner clubs by 50%

Dunsborough correspondence

  • Decision to retain current substitution process rather than move to an interchange model for men’s league based on 6-2 vote in favour of this at meeting of men’s league club representatives prior to delegates meeting last week
  • Action: SG to contact both clubs thanking them for their proposals and advising them of the SWSA’s decision

Pioneer Cup draw

  • Confirmation that winners receive medallions, a small trophy and yearly use of the perpetual trophy
  • Action: SG to put together fixture similar to tennis competition draw; IE to add Pioneer Cup final day activities to next meeting’s agenda

Charity Shield

  • SG advised that Gareth Johnston from Hay Park United had contacted him, worried about the four clubs playing in the Charity Shield missing the first and much anticipated game of the season
  • Action: Charity Shield to be played earlier depending on Pioneer Cup numbers; IE to manage PR

Match card system

  • Action: SD to project manage and liaise with website administrator and referees


  • SG and SK advised that they have met with Jo Wilkinson and provided her with the FFSW constitution template however this was relevant more so for clubs than for the SWSA itself. JW is developing a draft constitution with the timeline as follows:

17 February – JW to send SK draft constitution, SK to distribute to Executive Committee

9 March – Executive Committee to meet at Capel with JW to discuss draft

  • By-laws
  • Action: IE to seek Bunbury venue with projector screen for meeting in order to finalise by-laws

Masters competition

  • SG advised that he has spoken with Jeorg Sandbiller regarding proposed changes to the Masters competition format
  • Action: SG to distribute different ideas to delegates seeking feedback with most popular proposal
  • Referees
  • Agreement to support Steve Pendleton’s delegates meeting proposal to change club excellence award to fair play award
  • Committee Decision

That the SWSA allocates a $500 voucher to the winner of the fair play award.

Moved: IE          Seconded: SC  Carried 4-0

  • Action: DC to ask SP to provide proposal on points accrual; SD to keep spreadsheet of points accrued throughout season accordingly

Un-financial players

  • Discussion around the need to track players that owe previous year’s fees to clubs and ensure they do not attempt to play for other clubs
  • Action: SD to distribute email to club delegates requesting they notify the SWSA of unfinancial players; SD to liaise with Leigh Godfrey about these players being unable to register
7. Accounts Approval
• Committee Decision
That the South West Soccer Association bank accounts for the period
ending 31 December 2018 are a true and correct account of the
Association’s financial position as of this date.
Moved: IE Seconded: SC  Carried: 4-0
• Committee Decision
That the South West Soccer Association bank accounts for the period
ending 31 January 2019 are a true and correct account of the Association’s
financial position as of this date.
Moved: SK Seconded: SG Carried: 4-0
Action: SD to distribute copies of receipts to Executive Committee when
distributing account information
8. Urgent Items
9. Next SWSA Executive meeting
9 March 2019; 11:00am; Capel
Next SWSA Delegates meeting
10. Meeting closed 8:55pm