During the year of 1971 the non based Collie clubs playing in the Collie League wanted a more central location for meetings etc and the only alternative was to form a new soccer group. The push for this was driven by the Laporte.S.C. ( Dynamos )

Towards the end of 1971 ( 27th Oct / 24th Nov ) meetings were held in Bunbury to talk the situation over and this led to the new body being formed and to be called the South West Soccer Association, with meetings to be held henceforth at Donnybrook at the Railway Hotel.

27th October 1971
The clubs present at these meetings were the remnants of the Collie clubs, Wisla and Inter Collie, Laporte, Bunbury Tricolore, Busselton Utd, Busselton Wanderers, and Manjimup Rovers.

At this meeting the new SWSA committee was voted in and they were:
President John Garland of Busselton Utd
V/President Bob Richardson of Laporte
Secretary John Bawden of Laporte
Treasurer John Conopo of Manjimup
PRO George Bassett of Busselton Utd

In the inaugural playing season of 1972 under the new SWSA banner the clubs of the were:
Bunbury Tricolore.S.C.
Busselton United.S.C.
Busselton Wand.S.C.
Forrest DBK.S.C.
Manjimup Rovers.S.C.

Inter Collie and Wisla had joined forces under the name of Collie and Bridgetown, Kirup and Donnybrook formed Forrest DBK.